1. To meet the custodial and correctional needs of various categories of prisoners.

2. Ensure minimum needs of prisoners, essential to maintain standard of living in consonance with human dignity.

3. Maintain an environment conducive for the reformative treatment of the prisoners, to enable them to live a law abiding, self-supporting, reforms and socially rehabilitated life. 

4. Various aspects of Prisons Administration including deployment and maintenance of institutional personnel, classification of prisoner and their appropriate handling, security and custody matter, maintenance of prisoners, diet scale, clothing and bedding etc., medical care of prisoners, transfer of prisoners, vocational training and skill development of prisoner’s, welfare programmes, Remissions, Parole, Premature Releases, after care and rehabilitation, legal aid, Board of Visitors etc.  

5. Routine administrative & establishment works.

6. Payment of compensation amount to victims under Tripura Victim Compensation Scheme, 2018 and Tripura Compensation Scheme for Women Victim/Survivors of Sexual Assault/Other crimes, 2018.

7. Free health facilities and medical treatments at government hospitals vide notification No.F.I (1059)-DHS/GS/2014 dated 09.06.2020.

8. Outgoing paid telephone facilities for prisoners in all jails. 

9. Legal Aid clinic in all jails with Para-legal volunteers. 

10. Accommodation of young children below <6 years with female prisoners (mother): all facilities including special diet, crèche, cloths etc.  

11. Bank account opened for all Indian RI Convicts. 

12. Replacement of the 153 year old and obsolete Bengal Jail Code with Tripura Sansodhanagar Rules, 2021, notified on 29.11.2021. 

13. Assistance to interested prisoners in adult education.

14. Canteen facilities run by prisoners, available in all jails.

15.Common TV set with cable channels provided in prison wards.

16.Wage rates for RI Convicts has been revised recently to Rs.36 per day for un-skilled workers, Rs.42 per day for semi-skilled workers and Rs.49.50 per day for skilled workers. [Previous wages – Un-skilled labour Rs. 24.00, Semi Skilled Rs. 28.00, Skilled Rs. 33.00].

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